Why do i feel in such a way. Why do we bother someone even if we know that it simply does not even matter him.We all have certain flaws…some are visible and some are invisible.I find myself at the stage where i just do not want to believe in someone. Everything makes me scared. Either i will lose it or i will be destroyed by it.


A voyage or discovery to know yourself

I always find myself at a wrong place. It makes me feel that it is not the place i belong to. No matter how wonderfull the things or people are around me. I feel out of place.

Why do i cry

I cry so much on a minor issue. sorry, even if there is no issue. I even do not want to cry but i find myself helpless to control and to make a peace treaty with myself. I feel fragile in such condition and need someone to understand me for no matter and just make me feel calm but whenever i tried to do this i get more depressed after knowing that the person before me is not getting the things i want him let to know about how do i feel in such condition.So many times,i tried to console myself. But same results appear .